We are a club of like-minded artists all cut from the same creative cloth. Collaborating and challenging each other for the sake of our craft and for the couples we are privileged to work with. We would be lying if we said we weren’t a little competitive, but that only drives us to redefine our work day in and day out. And if we were feeling a bit swanky, we would mention that we’ve been recognized as some of the best wedding photographers in the world by Brides Magazine and were winners of the prestigious Rangefinder Rising Stars award in 2015. But we’re a bit too bashful to ever say that out loud, so just make sure to read this in your head. 

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We love to travel and we love to shoot weddings. Help us get the best of both and we’ll do whatever it takes to visit your part of the world. We call New York City home, but we may be in your neck of the woods soon. Hit us up if you’re interested in a shoot.

January 2019 | Florida

March 2019 | Mexico

July 2019 | Wisconsin

October 2019 | California

December 2019 | Chicago

April 2020 | Germany

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Ryan & Heidi


Finding common ground in their passion for photography, architecture, and travel, Ryan & Heidi pair well with just about anyone. Heidi has the ability to grow a stranger into a friend in mere minutes, while simultaneously Ryan has the ability to grow a beard in mere days. Constantly pushing one another’s work to the next level, these two have created a wealth of love and art to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Hailing from the Southwest, Paul found one of his spontaneous road trips ending permanently in Brooklyn, NY. Shaped by his Eastern European upbringing, Paul has a fancy for the finer things in life like art… and whiskey. A former biologist, Paul adapted his fascination for studying life to capturing it with a camera. Calm yet outspoken describes the dichotomy of both Paul’s work, and his commanding presence in life.

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Born and raised on the East Coast, Ben found his passion for photography when his dad passed down his Nikon F SLR — sheer class. A man about Korean food, good tv shows, snowboarding, and traveling, Ben can be found in the dictionary under the definition of the word ‘debonair’. Ben’s eye for light, color, and story through honest moments, make his cinematic approach desired by all who dare to desire at all.

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After moving from California and living in New York for nine years, Kait has learned a thing or two about getting stuff done. Part photographer, part producer, part planner, she’s a modern day wedding sphinx who will work with you every step of the way and even tuck you into bed at night - she’s just that nice. When she’s not busy effortlessly solving every wedding problem in the Tri-state area, you can find her at a local Brooklyn park soaking in the sun and petting all of the dogs.

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When its all said and done, what do you end up with? For starters, we put all of your photos up on our print shop – a convenient way to share your day with anyone who couldn’t make it, or all those aunts who keep asking to see your wedding photos. All your stuff on the print shop is free for anyone to download and high-quality prints are super affordable.

To be completely honest with you, our albums + books are ridiculously good. You don’t have to get one, but you might be missing out. We use the highest quality printer and there are tons of cover materials to choose from. For pricing and more info on these, shoot us an email and we’ll give you the scoop.

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Do you travel for weddings?
Yes, all the time.


How many weddings have you shot?
Well into the hundreds.


Who selects which photographer / cinematographer we get?
You do. We will let you know who’s available and then you can pick who you want from our team.


How many photos do we get in the end?
Usually its somewhere around a thousand – edited with our coloring and style one at a time.


Is there a way for all the guests to see all the photos and/or video?
Super easy. You get your own gallery on our print shop that anyone can view, share, download, or order prints.


For video, do we get all the raw footage too?
Definitely. Everything we shoot from both cameras all day.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with?
We shoot primarily with Fuji mirrorless systems and Canon DSLR’s. 35mm film available on request.

Do you bring backup gear?
Yes, lots of it.

Do we have rights to print our photos?
For sure. You can use our print shop or you can print them on your own.

Can I see some full galleries?
Absolutely. Shoot us a note at hello@forgedinthenorth.com and we can find you weddings that might be a closer match to yours.


How long does it take to get all our photos and/or video?
At most 12 weeks, but usually it’s sooner than that and we try to get you some preview shots right away.


Do you have business insurance?
Yes. Sometimes the venue requires this, so just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide it.


What types of payment do you accept?
Check, wire transfer, and bank transfer (Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank).


What is required to officially book you?
A signed contract and 50% deposit, all of which can be done online.


What’s your pricing and how do we get started?
Best way is to fill out our contact form here.

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