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We are Forged in the North, a collective of photographers & cinematographers based out of Brooklyn, NY. All our work is a result of places we’ve been and couples we’ve fallen in love with. We may ask you to hike a dirt trail or climb into an abandoned building, because we aren’t satisfied until we know something can’t be done any better. But more than anything, we want to tell a story. And you are the story. So come find that perfect light with us and we’ll capture you just as you are.

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a semi-elite club of visual maestros

// based in Brooklyn NY



Featured Work

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Andrew & Emma

New York City

by Ryan & Heidi

Reid+Melissa-Married-00770 copy.jpg

Reid & Mel

Antigua and Barbuda

by Ben


Beattie & Willa

New York City

by Paul


Jeff & Erica


by Ryan & Heidi


Jeff & Ashley


by Ryan & Heidi


Jesse & Jen


by Paul


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Our Studio

We are a club of like-minded artists all cut from the same creative cloth. Collaborating and challenging each other for the sake of our craft and for the couples we are privileged to work with. We would be lying if we said we weren’t a little competitive, but that only drives us to redefine our work day in and day out. And if we were feeling a bit swanky, we would mention that we’ve been recognized as some of the best wedding photographers in the world by Brides Magazine and were winners of the prestigious Rangefinder Rising Stars award in 2015. But we’re a bit too bashful to ever say that out loud, so just make sure to read this in your head. 


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